Angela McKinney is a Dental Hygienist that has worked for a number of years to set up clinics in rural villages across Guatamala. 
       I had the pleasure of meeting Angela in the midst of Covid through a few connections. Her passion for the people of Guatamala lead her to want to showcase the work she was doing down there. After we connected she supplied me with lots of footage that she took on her last trip before closures and we worked together to craft a video that showcased the story of her work in Guatamala!

Sanctuary Inn
At Sanctuary Inn they specialize in serving missionaries whose mission is to equip, refresh, and restore global workers for kingdom purposes. 
I had the pleasure of being able to take what media they had, go and shoot my own footage, and put them together to help them showcase the mission the Lord has given to them at their annual fund raising event!

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